The Best And Easiest Way To Set Up Your Craft Store

When you learned how to knit, you never thought that someday you'd love it so much and become so fascinated with the different yarn textures and color that you'd end up knitting 42 scarves. What do you do with 42 beautiful handmade scarves? Set up shop and sell them to customers who appreciate gorgeous scarves like you do. This is the defining moment when crafters can either take steps to open a store, or remain hobbyists and give their crafts away to relatives and friends. It can be daunting to set up your very own shop - you don't know how to set up a website and you don't know how to set it up for e-commerce sales with a shopping cart, and so on. But it's not as hard as you might think if you use a "mothership". A good one is Etsy allows you to have your own store on their site. It's as easy as opening a PayPal account and listing your products. You do need to take pictures of your products for the listings but if you're not a photographer you can do a trade or barter with one of the many photographers on Etsy. They even help you! They've got social media buttons for people to press to get the word out about your listings, and they've got tons of training on everything. They'll teach you via blog posts, videos, and the forum how to pick the best words people use in search engines so they find your products, how to photograph your listings so they look the most appealing, how to best price your things, and even how to market your business. Of course, Etsy does take a percentage of sales and also charges you a small fee for each listing. But they work hard to help you be successful, plus they're well regarded in the search engines. This means people will be more likely to find your Etsy shop than if you had an independent site. It's a win-win. Etsy sellers sold over $500 million in goods from January to August of 2012. Handmade is big business! This is truly a community of sellers and buyers. There are social media aspects within Etsy where you can "favorite" an item or add people to your circles. The quality of craftsmanship is high, which can be due to the competition as well as crafters following the friendly advice given. If you love making things but you're wondering what to do with them after you've lovingly made them, consider opening a craft store the easy way.


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